Software Defined Drinking

SDD is probably pretty common in our line of work, but it’s almost never a good mix…late night chat with my British colleague after some maintenance work.

Me [10:38 PM]:
here you go
a bridge from your world to mine
Him [11:30 PM]:
sounds similar to direct attachedd storage into the cloud
Me [11:30 PM]:
yeah but slower than a usb drive lol
Him [11:31 PM]:
thre is a big awakening for storage
not sure where its going but somebody needs to pick a side
Me [11:32 PM]:
funny thing is if you abstract it enough, you start not thinking about where the session box is
and that’s ok. just have to get used to it
Him [11:33 PM]:
there is a major shift at the moment and nobody knows where its going
what would you choose
Me [11:34 PM]:
yeah that’s true
Him [11:34 PM]:
if everybody was going in differeent directions
Me [11:34 PM]:
we already got used to idea of virtualizing compute. and SAN. next is the biggest of all: software defined networking.
i was listening to a great interview of a guy
ccie or what have you, juniper, big network routing expert
he doesn’t even refer to Cisco or Juniper or alcatel anymore
physical switches, to him, are “the underlay”
he essentially writes software that breaks all the rules and makes networking as portable and movable as storage and compute
Him [11:36 PM]:
yeah the physical switch is now fabric and malible
Me [11:36 PM]:
and you’re right there’s a dozen different ways to get there
my little “Pertino” ipv6 program is a software defined network. and it’s amazing
vmm has it too
and vmware and a zillion others
Him [11:38 PM]:
the big question is where is this all going
nobidy knows
Me [11:38 PM]:
lol are you drunk. why do you keep asking that?
it’s going to the matrix man. I’ll play Neo, you be Trinity
Him [11:39 PM]:
i;ll be the agent
Me [11:39 PM]:
Him [11:39 PM]:
break down everything
Me [11:40 PM]:
wherever it’s going i want to go with it and not be flipping printers when i’m 40 or 50
because printers.
will. never.
be. virtualized. ever
Him [11:40 PM]:
yeah – we’ll be old school
its a brave new world where the complexity of servers and networks are gone
virtual everything and across platforms
Me [11:42 PM]:
you WILL need to know how to program or at least script. that’s what scares me
Him [11:43 PM]:
were in our early 30’s and already dinos
Me [11:43 PM]:
i know. goddamnit. when did that happen
Him [11:43 PM]:
fuck knows
somewhere between growing up and the world passing us by
it was about 5 min i thnk


And scene. He just faded away after that. I asked him if he was singing to me through Lync, and he asked if that would make me happy, and I said, hell yeah, let’s put your new Lync SIP trunk (That goes through my converged Hyper-v switch) to the test.

I think he’ll be in late tomorrow.

Author: Jeff Wilson

20 yr Enterprise IT Pro | Master of Public Admin | BA in History | GSEC #42816 | Blogging on technology & trust topics at our workplaces, at our homes, and the spaces in between.

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