It’s back! Linksys blue & black routers revealed at CES

My jaw dropped. Belkin nailed it. Feast your eyes on this:



As Ars Technica notes, the colors, shape and strangeness are immediately recognizable, even to people like my mom who still, to this day, looks for the “blue and black router box” when internet problems occur at her house.

Here’s the original in all its early 2000s, plastic-fantastic glory:



It’s rare for a tech company outside of One Infinite Loop to build iconic technology hardware. Even rarer for said device to be networking hardware.

And yet, the old WRT54G (still have one) has reached icon stature, something Belkin was smart enough to recognize (and why they feel they can justify a $300 price tag on it!)

The look of the new one makes me want to buy it and mount it in a place that’s visible, just as a conversation piece. Crazy.

The only consumer networking gear to get a starring role in Southpark

Going to be hard to turn down this one when it’s released soon. It’s coming with OpenWRT!

Author: Jeff Wilson

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