Not my finest hour in contingency planning, but it works

As Southern California is the center of the universe as far as I’m concerned, I know you’re all worried sick about me, this website, and other Southern Californians as we endure a a frightening precipitation event of some kind and scale. The Live MegaDoppler 7000 StormSageRadar XXTreme v 2.0 Beta can’t tell us yet if the great California Dampnening of 2014 is Noahic in nature or a $deity-punishment ripped straight from the Book of Revelations, but one thing is for certain: the water is everywhere.

Yes, it’s so wet out there that even the mighty Los Angeles River is flowing once again. It may even be navigable.*

But fret not! Let me calm your nerves. Your blogger Jeff, @agnostic_node1 on the twitters, is ok. So is the Child Partition and the Supervisor Module spouse. We’re all safe, our flood pants all fit and we’ve got buckets and bags of some sort of pre-silicon material at the ready.

The Converged Fabric Agile DevOps ITIL Waterfall Software-Defined Lab @ Home, however, I worry.

See I built it in the garage. The Supervisor Module would never permit such equipment inside the living spaces.

Not only is it in the garage, but it’s close to the garage door, bolted down properly to the wooden workbench.

A few inches outside but very close to being under the garage door tracks that lift what’s now become a very wet garage door.


I may be able to push 4 or 5,000 IOPS to the home-built ZFS array sitting in the garage. I’m quite confident in my ability to take my home lab, and my skillset too, to new heights. I can spin up a dozen VMs on this handsome 12u stack at once…no problem at all. I can build a lab that’s agnostic and welcoming to all type 1 and 2 hypervisors, no discrimination here!

What I can’t do is anticipate inclement weather that seems to come at me sideways sometimes.

So what’s an Agile guy to do?

Pull out his IT MacGyver manual: Bungie cord, two sticks, and some plastic sheeting:

Agility Defined. Waterfall no more.

Like I said, not my finest hour in contingency planning, but it’s working. So far. I won’t be putting this lab work on my resume, however.

And yes, it’s okay to laugh.

* By kayak

Author: Jeff Wilson

20 yr Enterprise IT Pro | Master of Public Admin | BA in History | GSEC #42816 | Blogging on technology & trust topics at our workplaces, at our homes, and the spaces in between.

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