Debug File : Pertino corrections

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a well-trafficked review of Pertino Networks’ SDN product, which I summarized like this:

Pertino is essentially an NVGRE, ipv4 & ipv6 overlay technology that works with your existing on-prem equipment and easily extends securely your Layer 2/Layer 3 LAN assets to the places where your users are: the internet.

Well I own my mistakes here on AC so let me correct that characterization.

Pertino, as the firm’s marketing VP Todd Krautkremer pointed out to me, uses:

an NVGRE-like encapsulation method that we combine with network virtualization into a solution we call Overpass. The proprietary extensions allow to support advance features in the future like using different encapsulation methods for differ traffic types (e.g. VoIP, streaming, etc)

The post has been updated. My regret on the error; I see or hear NVGRE and my Microosft whiskers stand on end, and it’s off to the keyboard races I go.

Neat to see that Pertino is thinking about encapsulation of different traffic types in the future too. I’ve reached out for more comment on that.

Also, Pertino still offers a free personal plan for other IT guys to test with:

We still do offer the FREE, 3-device Personal Plan. We believe that many IT pros are experiential users who just want to get their hands on a product in order to understand its capabilities.

So now you really have no excuse not to try it (disclosure: they let me use up to 9 devices for testing, but I have no one to play with. Join me on my Pertino Network, and let’s link our Home Labs up in a sort of grand Home Lab Apollo-Soyuz Moment).

Author: Jeff Wilson

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