Ballad of the Converged IT Guy

The inestimable Greg Ferro once said that what’s needed in modern IT are men & women whose skillsets are shaped like a capital “T.”

“You’ve got to have broad experience and familiarity with various technologies, see? That’s the wide part at the top of the T. And then you’ve got to be deep on some things in your portfolio. Maybe it’s storage, or WAN or who the hell knows?. That’s the leg of the T. Right?”

Right you are Greg.

I’m paraphrasing of course, but Ferro’s description of good IT Guys (or Gals) appeals to me because it more or less describes my career in IT: I’ve touched lots of tech and gone deep in a few things.

I have breadth and depth in my portfolio, in other words. Yay me and yay for confirmation bias!

Unfortunately for me, this reality -while good in Greg’s eyes perhaps- usually results in me being labeled with the contemptible catch-all “IT Generalist.”

“You’re sort of an IT Generalist,” the recruiter says. “Is that fair?”


“Yes. I’m a systems guy, but really, an IT Generalist works too,” I reply.

This is how I reluctantly describe myself to others and even on the About the Author Page.

But I hate that term, “Generalist…” it’s too prosaic, too generic, too….general. I want it banished and replaced, and I don’t want to be known as an IT Generalist.

So what to replace it with? Re-writing the About the Author page with “Hi, I’m Jeff Wilson, a T-shaped IT Guy” doesn’t exactly inspire confidence and might make the reader question my sanity. Systems Engineer is nice, but doesn’t hint at my rudimentary skills at herding packets with DSCP values intact across a WAN, does it?

What I need -no, what we Generalists need!- is some sizzle for our T-shaped career story boards. We need to make IT Generalism seem sexy, without using that lame g word. What we need is a way to converge all our skills -broad and deep- into one smart, market-aware, cloud-hip, fully-qualified and routable term that…

hey wait a second.


Converged IT Guy.

That’s it.

Contains Silicon Valley buzzword? Check.

Easy to remember? Check.

Clever, and only with a little bit of smart-ass spunk? Check.

Descriptive? Not really, but better than Generalist.


I’m a Converged IT Guy. And this is my ballad.

Ballad of the Converged IT Guy

 I’ve touched lots of tech, from VoIP to SQL,

the LAMP stack & PowerShell

I don’t fear multicast or spanning tree

I once wrote a Valentine’s to LACP 

Yay though, I’m a Converged IT Guy

Block, file, object, LUNs and Vols, NFS,

but wack-wack filesharings the best
seen every file extension from east to west
Kilo, Mega, Giga,Tera 
I dedupe, replicate and compress

Yay though, I’m a Converged IT Guy

Gone deep on storage and virtualization

but change out the tapes from time to time

From Voice and an analog PBX

to Layer 4 Load Balancing and Cisco’s FEX

Yay though, I’m a Converged IT Guy


Waterfall, Agile and now DevOps

Declarative, Imperative

Concatenate, quiesce, compile

Yay Though, I’m a Converged IT Guy

Lo, the whiteboard is my kryptonite

and IT Siloes are my enemy

Yay Though, I’m a Converged IT Guy

Author: Jeff Wilson

20 yr Enterprise IT Pro | Master of Public Admin | BA in History | GSEC #42816 | Blogging on technology & trust topics at our workplaces, at our homes, and the spaces in between.

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