Facebook Supreme Court Makes First Decision- Next Steps

And it’s a doozy. The headline & the Lede:

Facebook Bans White Nationalism and White Separatism

After a civil rights backlash, Facebook will now treat white nationalism and separatism the same as white supremacy, and will direct users who try to post that content to a nonprofit that helps people leave hate groups.

I’d like to thank Joseph Cox on Twitter for raising this news to me. You can find his thread here.

My take on this: atta’corp Facebook! I’ve been bellyaching at you for so long it’s nice to finally see you do the right thing.

But as 6yo would say, Geez Louise Facebook. Took ya long enough.

Didja ever think the real world would look like a Sharepoint Governance project run amok? I sure didn’t. I thought there were Pros. In the room. Somewhere.

But there weren’t. Yet we know what the Pro version of a Facebook or SharePoint look like, don’t we?

Yes we do. You see, at work we -we free humans engaged in cooperative profit-seeking endeavor under the banner of an LLC or LP- we wouldn’t allow white supremacy themes on our screen. The Googlers sure don’t when they are at work. We know about that thanks to Googlers who have left employ of Google and written stories up about their work screens.

And at home, you and I wouldn’t allow it on our screens either. Why? Because we’re adults with a sense of morals and purpose and we love life, not death. I don’t care who you are, I got that in common with you.

We love life. We have loved ones. Start there. That’s what the technologists would call “First Principles” so let’s push the “First Principles” reset button and say, We Love Life, and We Have Loved Ones.

I don’t know if there’s a “2nd Principles” but step two should be: Put Mein Kampf & the other grabbag of nihilst shit back in a dusty corner of the library or in the museum with the relics of the other vanquished foes from the worst parts of our 19th & 20th centuries. That’s what you’d do at home. That’s what we’d do at work. Remove it from the indexes. Censor the hell out of it. Make it hard to find.

Right. So Step 2 is don’t let it breathe. That’s the last thing you or I want for this world we’re in, for ourselves & our loved ones. For the New Zealand dead -and in their memories- don’t let it breathe.

Now, Step 3 is more complicated. It kinda goes to the subtle point I’m making as I compose my words on your screen. Step 3 is to understand yourself and others in


“Our Community”

relationship to the screen, and the folks who make the screen show us stuff. Step 3 then is to stop thinking of yourselves as Facebook’s Community, and get pissed when you see “Our Facebook Community.” Because you’re not Facebook’s community. You’re you. A free human with hopes, dreams, fears and love. You’re not the property nor the subject of an unaccountable corporation worth more than $450 billion that employs only about 30,000 people and contributes tremendous damage to our global society while all value accrues to its shareholders. That’s step 3. You’re you. Just understand that.


Step 4 on the path to righting this horrible SharePoint Governance project run amok is to understand yourself and your relationship to the other that you’re reading on your screen. And then your task is to think about your self-interests, and the interests of the others. And your task is to find something we in the public biz like to call “common ground” or “common interests.” Such things might include, but are not limited to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Safety. Food. Shelter.

selfother venn

Step 5 on the road to SharePoint Governance reform is a little out there, but roll with me fam. Step 5 is this: understand that what many call “the nationalization of our politics” is actually the capture of them. By the people who control the screens. Just mull on that for a bit, we don’t have to tackle that one until we’re done with Steps 1-4.

That’s all for now fam, but I just want you to remember this: It’s only here, in this screen, where we’re up against a force that controls the screen and is informed by libertarian politics and incented by dollar bills, it’s only here where we get confused. Only here.

Peace to you and your’s fam. Stay lit!  ☮

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